CPEX Real Estate welcomes Robert Walsh

Brooklyn native and former Commissioner of Small Business Services Robert Walsh has signed on with CPEX Real Estate as senior managing director, bringing his 30-plus years of experience in public service and leadership to the Brooklyn-based firm.

Before joining the CPEX family, Walsh headed up the city’s Department of Small Business Services for 12 years, during which he placed close to 200,000 New Yorkers in jobs, secured more than $200 million in capital for small business, and introduced a number of entrepreneurial programs for small businesses.

Today, he helps CPEX help others grow.

“My role is basically to help CPEX with business development and strategic growth while working with various groups throughout the neighborhood to strengthen commercial quarters and retail,” explained Walsh, who couldn’t be happier about his new gig. “Another thing is positioning this company.”

When it comes to his position, Walsh is right where he wants to be.

“I love that I’m learning,” he said. “I’m learning, one, by observing and, two, just by engaging with people here who are knee-deep in real estate deals. That, to me, is exciting. You always have to be curious. You always want to be turning over rocks and seeing what’s underneath.”

To that end, Walsh says he’s in good company.

“These guys are great guys,” he said of CPEX’s executive team. “They have built an incredible team and they really care about neighborhoods.”

The Carroll Gardens resident, Fordham graduate and Baruch professor ties it all together while producing his weekly radio segment, “The Bottom Line for Small Business,” which airs on CBS New York’s 1010 WINS.

“For me, CPEX was a perfect match,” he said, “A company that is on the rise that is deeply rooted in the community, driven by two individuals that care — what can be better than that?”

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