Common Sense: Baltimore Burning

What could possibly justify looting and burning down the city you live in by its own citizens? Even if Baltimore’s Freddy Gray’s death was at the hands of the some rogue police, how could that be an acceptable excuse for the widespread destruction and sheer terror caused by the rioters?

Baltimore should evoke outrage from all Americans: Outrage against a mayor and a government that does not know the difference between rioters and protestors, outrage against a mayor who makes a point on national TV that she is obligated to protect the rights of protestors as the city burns behind her!

And then there is the Baltimore police commissioner who explained his department’s failure to contain the hundred of teenagers destroying a mall by questioning the wisdom of intervening against wild 15 and 16-year-olds. If they were tearing down their high school, would the Baltimore PD simply allow it to happen?

Listening to this police commissioner, you would likely draw the conclusion that he would let the school be destroyed like the mall because they are just wild children. This police commissioner should be removed from office as soon as some order returns.

Baltimore with a population of 650,000 has over 3,000 police officers. That makes the Baltimore department larger on a per capita basis then the NYPD which is around 36,000 men and women in a city of 8.5 million people. Yet, prior to the riots, you were many times more likely to be a victim of a violent crime in Baltimore than in New York City.

As of this writing, Baltimore is still under a curfew with something like 3,000 law enforcement professionals and National Guard members deployed per tour to keep the peace.

During a curfew most commerce and ordinary movement ceases. The effect on the economy can be as destructive as the riots, with businesses suffering irreversible losses resulting in closures and abandonments. Of course, given the alternative — which most feel would be an immediate resumption of violent protests — the city has little choice.

The NYPD’s quick actions last week in stopping New York City protestors from becoming destructive or dangerously disruptive by making a number of arrests will go a long way in setting a standard as the warmer weather approaches. New York City will respect protestors’ rights as long as the protestors respect everyone else’s.

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The Brooklyn Conservative Party’s brunch honoring Arlene Rutuelo was a big success.  Arlene has a lot of friends in the community and many dropped by to congratulate her. The party gives the award in the name of Ronald Reagan who was an enormous advocate for volunteerism.  Arlene was the perfect recipient.

Dan Donovan, State Senator Marty Golden and Assemblymember Nicole Malliotakis were in attendance and gave remarks. So did Conservative Party State Chairperson Mike Long.

Retired NYPD Captain Joe Concannon — who has been holding Support Police rallies around the city — spoke about his activities.


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