Domestic Violence Unit lauded at joint community council meeting

Four officers from the 62nd Precinct’s domestic violence unit (DVU) took home Cop of the Month honors for May, receiving their awards at a joint meeting of the 68th and 62nd Precinct Community Councils on Tuesday, May 19.

Sergeant Thomas Parco along with Officers Romina Cekani, Dylan Kangas and Kelly Merrick – who was awarded a Cop of the Month honor at the 62nd Precinct Community Council’s April meeting for arresting several people in connection with a drug deal turned gunfight – received the award for their outstanding work with the DVU.

“I got to the 62 in September of 2013,” said Captain William Taylor. “I’ve worked in places before where the domestic violence unit really needed a lot of intervention at the captain’s level. When I got to the 62nd Precinct, the place really was squared away. The sergeant and the three cops in the domestic violence unit are top notch. They need very little, if any, interference from me.

“My policy going in, as is the policy of the Police Department, [is] absolute zero, zero, zero tolerance for domestic violence and I didn’t have to really tell that to them,” Taylor said of the officers in the DVU. “They serve the people of Bensonhurst and Bath Beach with such passion [and] with compassion for the victims.”

The officers were presented with citations from several local elected officials and were congratulated by District Attorney Ken Thompson – who was the meeting’s featured speaker, there to address new crime and fraud units in place in Brooklyn.

The meeting was held at the Knights of Columbus at 13th Avenue and 86th Street.

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