Brooklyn Real Estate Board conducts tour of Industry City for businesses

Businesspeople from all over the city gathered in Sunset Park’s growing Industry City complex to take an intimate tour of the six-million-square-foot complex. Hosted by the Brooklyn Real Estate Board (BREB), the event, held on Wednesday, June 3, included a discussion on the growth of the neighborhood and the benefits for potential buyers to invest in the space.

Although 70 percent of the space is already occupied, President of BREB Aldo Iemma discussed the possibilities that the complex has to offer.

“We’ve taken the show on the road, showing off to people what is available here on the waterfront and the things that are happening around Sunset Park that make it a desirable area,” he said.

BROOKLYN MEDIA GROUP/Photos by Jaime DeJesus
BROOKLYN MEDIA GROUP/Photos by Jaime DeJesus

Brooklynites weren’t the only ones expressing interest in the space. Iemma stated that people from Staten Island, Queens and Manhattan were all in attendance for the tour.

“We are privileged to be here tonight at Industry City to have a tour of this beautiful complex,” said Deborah Iemma of BREB. “Sunset Park at one time was just up and coming. Not only has it arrived, but it has soared into new heights.”

Gloria Novoa, a real estate agent, discussed the opportunities offered by Industry City. “Today, we’re going to show the real estate community that we have an opportunity to bring thriving businesses and jobs that come with those businesses,” she said. “There are real jobs here, not just entry level ones.”

Interest in the potential space was evident in the event’s big turnout. “We have almost a hundred people. That’s wonderful for a real estate meeting,” Novoa said.

According to Iemma, 30 percent of the space at Industry City remains available.

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