Etiquette Boss: Dining tips for teens

It’s that time of year again. Focus is on the high school grads who will soon be entering another milestone in their lives …. off to college.

Here are some reminders that would help in their transition:

  • Cell phones should be turned off before sitting down to eat in any type of company. It is considered rude to answer the phone or text while dining with others, as it gives the impression that the ongoing conversation is not as important as the incoming one. If an important call is expected, it should be mentioned before the meal gets started. If the expected call comes, they need to excuse themselves and answer in the lobby or another area of the home.
  • Soup cools fastest at the side of the soup plate or bowl, therefore scoop in an outward motion, starting closest to the bowl instead of the middle, to avoid a burnt tongue. If the soup is too hot, sip water immediately instead of trying to cool it with air.
  • For the meat course, avoid sawing the meat as though it were wood; back and forth movements with the knife are not graceful. Instead, stroke the knife in one direction; which is inward.
  • Remind them that they are no longer in school where restroom visits are announced publicly. They should learn to stand, say “excuse me” and leave without including the reason for the brief departure.
  • Young men should be cognizant that all four legs of the chair need to remain on the floor. No leaning back at the dining table.
  • Remind your young lady or young man that if the meal is being paid for by another, any complaint should be directed to that person (host) who will inform the waiter.

BEAUTY TIPS:   Beauty is more than skin deep ….

A sagging jawline is an undesirable telltale sign of aging. The forehead and upper face often remains firm while the lower half of the face sags due to the weakening of the muscle that lies between the middle of the cheeks and the end of the jaw.

The jawline can be tightened naturally but gently by regularly slapping the underline of the jaw with the back of the hand. Tap 30 times daily, gently being the operative word. Next, tilt the head back slightly and move the upper lip down until it is resting behind your lower teeth. Smile slowly in five steps then hold for a count of  five.

Phillipa Morrish is the president of Etiquette Training International.

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