More is more as Gi60 will perform 50 plays in 50 minutes

Quality over quantity is a term often used within the arts.

However, the Department of Theater at Brooklyn College and Screaming Media Productions UK are collaborating to have it both ways with Gi60 2015 (Gone in 60 Seconds), featuring a group of talented young actors who perform 50 shows in just 50 minutes, and who will be bringing the unique, rapid-paced production, created in Europe, is coming to Brooklyn College’s New Workshop Theater.

Celebrating its 11th year in existence, the production garners its selections by winnowing down the hundreds of one-minute plays filmed and submitted to the company. All videos submitted must be original and the author’s own work. A select few are chose to perform their work.

“Gone in 60 Seconds started at a college in England,” said Rose Bonczek, the festival director and producer of Gi60 Live US. “Steve Ansell founded Gi60 in 2004. We are best friends. He told me about project and I thought it was tremendous for students to work on to become actors.”

Thus far, the rehearsal process has been strenuous, but the actors and crew, which consists of a mix of Brooklyn College acting students as well as alumni and artists that serve as mentors, are up for the challenge according to Bonczek.

“It’s been wonderful,” she enthused. “It’s no different from a full length play. The demands are serious and it’s still a lot of work. We’ve been practicing for three weeks. It’s a challenge for the actors because with full length plays, with emotion, you have time to get there. One minute goes by pretty quickly. We are very fortunate to have a great team.”

The group has developed a global and diverse audience “We’ve always had an enthusiastic audience. Even those that don’t enjoy theater will love coming to this because of the length,” Bonczek said. “Audiences focus on them and how to tell story in one minute. Dramas, comedies and abstract pieces are featured. They’re surprised how one-minute dramas could be so heartbreaking. It’s like being shot out of cannon. We leave time for a little bit of set up in between. There’s a lot of diversity.”

Fans of the performances that can’t make the show will not be left out, as GI60’s official site will provide a live stream of the performance. “We thought, how can we get more people into the theater that don’t have access,” Bonczek recalled. “It’s not a replacement but at least they are able to participate and see the show.”

In total, Gi60 will present 150 new plays in three theater locations internationally – right here in Brooklyn as well as in Leeds, England, and Christchurch, New Zealand. The first Brooklyn performance in Brooklyn was Thursday, June 11. Additional performances will be held Friday, June 12 and Saturday, June 13 at 8 p.m. Tickets for the event are $15. Students can get in for $10. For more information, visit



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