Unsung Bay Ridge: A passion for parks


This week I have decided to spotlight the contributions of Bernadette Hoban to our community. Bernadette is the founder of Friends of Owls Head Park.

She has worked tirelessly with a large group of her neighbors to clean and keep the park safe. She also saw the need for a dog run in the park, and teamwork again resulted in the dog run being overhauled and reopened.

Her love of animals has led her to support her friend Mary Ann Tobin in hosting the adoption of hundreds of dogs and cats. I am particularly thankful, as my dog Allie was adopted through this program.

Bernadette is a leader of the Bliss Terrace Block Association, a group that keeps the housing area as clean as the park. She is a director with New York Life Insurance, and credits her wife Mary Ann for being the supportive component she needs to keep going.


Belated birthday greetings go out to my dear friend community activist Chuck Otey.  As executive secretary of the Merchants of Third Avenue, Chuck is always on the forefront of promoting Bay Ridge. I enjoyed being associated with him during our BCAT Television Show, “A View From Bay Ridge.” We join his loving wife, Verena, in wishing him a wonderful year.

Congratulations to Bay Ridge’s own great American patriot Howie Dunn and his lovely wife Mae on the celebration of  their 68th wedding anniversary. This great team is a shining example of love, dedication and cooperation in marriage. I love them both.


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