Unsung Bay Ridge: The AlleyCat’s meow

This week I give credit which is long overdue,  to my dear friend Don Clark, owner and operator of AlleyCat Exterminating Company. Twenty years ago, I was working on a cleanup crew preparing for the Christmas Nativity Scene at Visitation Monastery, when we were attacked by bees. They were nested high up in the monastery.

I called Don and he cleared the problem immediately. He still stops year round to make sure the sisters are safe from pests, and all without charge. Don renders free services to many churches and non-profits. He volunteers at St. Rosalia, working with the Asian community at the request of his pastor, Monsignor Ronald Marino of Regina Pacis.

He served with me for over 10 years at the Bureau of Prisons Advisory Board. He was recently honored for community service by the Guild for Exceptional Children.

AlleyCat Exterminating Co.,  is a family business in which  he is assisted by his daughter Lauren, who is licensed;  and his lovely wife, Helen. Don has the support of his other daughters Meghan and Molly. He works non-stop for the community. He is a warm and caring person who can be reached at 718-837-1953.


I regret hearing the news that Assemblymember Alec Brook-Krasny will be leaving office at the end of July. He has worked tirelessly for his constituents (especially during Hurricane Sandy). I look forward to seeing him in the community and extend God’s blessings to him with his future ventures.

Belated happy birthday greetings to my dear friend Penney Lund Santo, as she recently celebrated a very special milestone. Penney has worked for years behind the scenes in community projects, and we wish her many more happy and healthy ones.


For men who have been diagnosed with benign or non-cancerous prostate enlargement, a traditional folk remedy to relieve frequent nightly visits to the bathroom is nettle tea.

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Please consult your doctor if you have any health concerns, or are on any medication.

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