Common Sense: An investigation is warranted

Who does Planned Parenthood think they are fooling? It is clear that the abortion group’s senior medical director believes that a big part of their business is providing to interested parties tissue, organs and body parts from late-term aborted babies.

It is clear on both the edited and unedited full transcript. It is clear enough for the speaker of the House, over 100 members of Congress, numerous U.S. senators and countless others from throughout the country to call for an investigation. And all their denials do not erase what certainly sounded to me and many as a discussion concerning the illegal pricing and sale of body parts.

These actions, besides violating U.S. law and all morality, are being conducted by a group that receives hundreds of millions in taxpayer dollars. Congress has a real role here. They need to move forward with an investigation. And they need to act against Planned Parenthood decisively by defunding the abortion provider, if the investigation confirms the comments by the group’s senior medical official.

In the interim, the president should not remain silent on this disturbing information. It not as though he is shy when it comes to commenting on controversial matters.
* * *

Speaking of the president, the nuclear deal with Iran seems very much one-sided to Iran’s benefit. The U.S. did not even succeed in getting the return of an American soldier held by Iran without cause as part of the deal.

The agreement does not have by any stretch of the imagination sufficient inspection or monitoring provisions. It does allow Iran to come into possession of enough nuclear material to make a bomb, but it drags it out over a longer period of time than would have come about without the agreement. This is accomplished by reducing significantly the number of centrifuges available and the quality of the nuclear material.

So, basically, Iran will under this agreement eventually become a member of the nuclear weapons club with no verification of its programs or activities. But it will take a couple of years longer than it would have without the agreement. I’m sorry if, like many Americans, this makes me very nervous for our nation’s safety.

And we are talking about Iran, one of the most anti-American governments on the planet, a country that is despised by its neighbors, a country that wants Israel destroyed and is willing to start a world war to get its way. This is the country with which the president entered into a non-verifiable nuclear agreement.
* * *

A 24-year-old Kuwaiti immigrant takes an AK 47, shoots up two U.S. military locations in Tennessee, killing four Marines and a sailor and injuring a police officer after shooting off literally hundreds of round of ammunition, and we are asked not to jump to any conclusion centering around acts of terrorism.

Our government needs to wake up. Lone wolf or not, a member of a known terrorist organization or not, and regardless of any terrorist group taking credit for the shooting, this was an attack on the U.S. military within the United States. It’s a terrorist action and the shooter is a terrorist.

As much as we attempt to be vigilant and as much as we devote police and Homeland Security personnel to protecting us against terrorism, deep sleepers like this shooter almost certainly exist in other communities.

The only way to root them out before they act is to put laws on the books that allow for greater surveillance and the use of other police methods that will make some Americans uncomfortable.

We should not wait until a larger scale attack causes public opinion to swing, as it always does, in the direction of stronger laws to aid police. We need to get behind it now because terrorism within the United States is very much here now.

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