Bad Ass Academy ready to pump Bay Ridge up

A Bay Ridge facility is offering a unique and effective way for customers of all ages to get their workout on!

Bad Ass Academy, 238 Bay Ridge Avenue, has quickly become a destination for novices and experts alike to get the most out of their exercise experience. Known for its 6,000-square-foot training facility filled with tons of state-of-the-art equipment and trainers, the business has quickly gained popularity.

The brick-and-mortar training facility has been open for nearly three years. However, Co-Owner Anthony Esposito and his colleagues had previously been teaching customers at Shore Road Park for free.

“I’ve been doing this for five years,” Esposito said. “I’ve been active and fit my whole life and I’ve always trained in martial arts.”

His students at the park expanded from just a few to 60 in a small amount of time. “The following year, it nearly doubled to 120 people in all,” he said.

Due to his knowledge of fitness and his desire to keep people healthy in a simple way, Esposito wanted to expand and share his knowledge. “My friends and I would talk about opening a dojo,” he recalled. “Once we started the boot camp in the park, one thing led to another and we decided to open the business.”

Once the facility opened, the business took off. “We’ve been growing and growing. We do a bunch of events and community work. We also do guest speaking and workshops seminars,” Esposito continued.

Part of the success of Bad Ass Academy is its accessibility. “We accommodate and help any age, any skill level and any weight, and make it work. Most gyms don’t put in the time or hard work like we do,” he explained. “The best part about the class is that our trainer is holding your hand the entire way.”

Unlike most gyms, Esposito explained that Bad Ass Academy’s price range was also key to its success. “We don’t turn anyone away. We have different memberships and packages,” he said. “I want everyone to experience what it is to train in a healthy, safe way.” The packages include monthly memberships and even a one-day pass.

Bad Ass Academy’s diverse training methods and classes also set it apart from the rest. “Because we have a background in martial arts, we teach self-defense, kickboxing, boot camps and five different kickboxing classes,” Esposito said. “It takes the movement you do every day but we incorporate it in performing exercises.” Classes also include yoga, Zumba, Pilates and more.

Esposito also attributes the gym’s success to its community-building efforts. “We created friends and relationships while making them fit at the same time,” he said. “Helping people is rewarding. We know everyone’s names and the community has been good to me.”

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