Beating Cancer in Heels: It’s all about creating that moment

Recently, it has seemed as though many people have a passionate feeling about the actions of how other people live their lives. In June and July, it was about the transition of the powerful Caitlyn Jenner.

It astonishes me how some people who have no personal attachment to this person can have such strong negative feelings about the attention she is receiving. Why is it that a person’s choice to experience happiness and peace can bring out anything but hope to us humans?

We have 24 hours in a day to sleep, work and take care of others and ourselves. It seems like a lot to do in such little time, right? Yet, some people find a moment to knock down others for their choice to be happy and for the praise they are receiving for doing so.

Do I smell jealousy? Haven’t we learned anything from our history? Haven’t enough people hurt, died and fought for their own equal rights and for the rights of others? Do we not understand yet that even if we cannot personally relate or understand someone else’s definition of happiness, we should still embrace the strength that it takes to do so?

Do we still not understand the power of our negative words? High school never really leaves us, does it? I’m not saying not to form an opinion or give up on making a light joke or two or three. What I want to know is how many moments of our own life will we spend ripping apart another’s person choice to be happy?

I’ve been doing my own personal reflecting and thanks to bold people such as Caitlyn Jenner, I am reminded of the gift that comes with creating your own special moments.

I went with my Tee Tee (“aunt” in Spanglish) to her cancer treatment recently and, as always, it’s hard to watch. It’s hard not to want to cry or be mad but I had to make a choice. I could either choose to let those emotions take control of my time with her or I could create a fun memory that would last a lifetime.

I chose fun and created a Dubsmash video that consisted of my aunt, my sister, my cousin and me lip-syncing to the song “All About that Base” by Megan Trainor. It was a blast! You can view the video on my social media outlets.

We laughed, smiled and allowed ourselves to be silly during a not-so-silly time. Choose to create more positive moments because they are the highlights of life and, despite what anyone thinks, you deserve more highlights than a hairdresser can give you!

Now I ask you, my Coachee,

How can you make it a point to create moments that will last a lifetime?

What could you do to embrace the strength in others and in yourself?

How could you benefit from accepting one’s personal triumphs?

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