Etiquette Boss: Back-to-school tips

Introvert or shy – a big difference

As school reopens, I am already thinking of my new class. It is inevitable … some students will be outgoing, some introverted, and others just shy.

Most etiquette teachers tell their students: “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” This is true, and so is the encouragement to be perceived as a friendly, warm person by others. However, this places the introverted student in a quandary.

An introvert is born an introvert, and must be made to feel comfortable. These are the children who love their own company, books, pets, hobbies more than crowds, which drain their energy after a short while.

Society prefers the extroverted children because crowds give them energy, and their own company drains it. When alone, they reach for the telephone to connect with others.

We need both types for a balanced society. Introverts are often the inventors, spending the majority of their time creating, writing and changing things that others use. The extroverts promote these things that are invented.

The shy child is not the same as an introverted child. Shy children avoid company because they feel they are being scrutinized or criticized. They lack confidence in their appearance or ability, and avoid others because of it. Many shy children are extroverts, and only realize it when they gain confidence.

I speak from experience, because I was shy for most of my life due to a severe acne problem. I felt that anyone who looked at me was really looking at my acne, and thinking how ugly I looked.

As children return to school, if they are reluctant, try to ascertain whether they are introverted or shy. Your child or student’s happiness depends on it.

Beauty Tips – Face Creams

Face creams are primarily used for moisturizing our skin. They can be the mid-priced drugstore brand or the top-of-the-line brand that cost hundreds.

However, I have learned to exercise my options by doing a bit of research and mixing. Check the first three ingredients on the most expensive creams and see if they are available in pure form.

An expensive cream by Dr. Perricone contains DMAE as the primary skin tightening ingredient. I have opened a DMAE capsule and sprinkled a little in my cream, and done the same with Vitamin C powder, Vitamin E capsule or MSM powder.

Start by mixing a little as an experiment and see how it works overnight. I have done it and love the results. Check the internet for ideas if you are unsure of how to begin.

Phillipa Morrish is the president of Etiquette Training International.

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