Green-Wood honors Brooklynites at annual gala

It was a cause for celebration on Wednesday, September 16 as Brooklynites – young and old – gathered at Green-Wood Cemetery for its eighth annual fundraising gala.

“It was a beautiful evening,” said Chelsea Dowell, manager of programs and membership at Green-Wood. “It was the biggest turnout we’ve had so far.”

This year’s recipients of the DeWitt Clinton Award for Excellence – awarded yearly at the gala – were award-winning actor, writer and director John Turturro and critically acclaimed author and Green-Wood board member Malcolm MacKay.

“The DeWitt Clinton Award honors people who are dedicated to landscape, to preservation and to history,” said Dowell, “and these two certainly fit that.

“John Turturro is a director, a writer and an actor but he is also a big history buff and a dedicated Brooklynite,” Dowell went on, “and the same can be said of McKay. He is 100 percent a dedicated Brooklynite – someone who is very civic-minded, incredibly insightful and knowledgeable, especially when it comes to the other institutions and organizations he’s a part of.”

Guests were served cocktails, a seated dinner and – perhaps, most important – a scenic view of Green-Wood, one of the city’s most historic national landscapes. In addition, the gala offered an auction of unique items and experience, each with a special tie to the local landmark.

“It’s a great evening and we’re always really happy to do it,” Dowell said. “Hopefully, we got some newcomers who have never been to Green-Wood before and are excited about our mission.”

All proceeds will go directly to the Green-Wood Historic Fund and its programs.

BROOKLYN MEDIA GROUP/Photos by Corazon Aguirre
BROOKLYN MEDIA GROUP/Photos by Corazon Aguirre

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