Brooklyn Public Library to expand services boroughwide

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Thanks to an extra $12 million from the city, the Brooklyn Public Library (BPL) will expand its services to provide an additional 218 hours of public service per week across the borough beginning October 19.

The expansion will include universal six-day service as well as increased seven-day service and addition weekend and evening hours. Nineteen branches – including the Coney Island, Gravesend and Ulmer Park branches – will expand from five to six-day service, library leadership announced, with 22 in total taking on an extra day.

“With our expanded hours and universal six-day service, Brooklyn Public Library will be there for patrons when they need us most—including working parents who will be able to bring their children to the library on weekends, and busy professionals and students who will now be able to access our resources in the evening,” said BPL President and CEO Linda Johnson.

“Reading is the pathway to knowledge,” said Mark Treyger, former educator and current city councilmember. “The more our libraries are open, the more every resident has the chance to get on that path.”

Every branch will now be open at least 48 hours per week.

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