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State Senator Marty Golden (whom I serve as chief of staff) will be hosting his 20th annual Halloween Walk on October 31 running from 1 to 9 p.m. at Owls Head Park located at 68th Street and Colonial Road. The event includes a pumpkin patch, rides, costumed characters, kid’s activities, arts and crafts, and a costume contest for the kids. There is also a Haunted Walk assembled and staffed by volunteers who take great pride in the quality of the costumes they create and props they design.

Chip Cafiero gets the credit year after year for pulling this event off flawlessly. He has done it in good times and even in the days following Sandy when it became a rare moment of normalcy. I have said it before and I will say it again, Chip is an unsung community star who organizes and manages all sorts of community activities year round.

This Halloween event is one of the largest events anywhere in the country, attracting many thousands of adults and children throughout the afternoon and evening. In order to keep things safe, the 68th Police Precinct as well as other elements of the Brooklyn South Command, has a noticeable presence. And of course the auxiliary police as well as the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT ONE NYC) are there in force.

It’s a safe and enjoyable way to celebrate Halloween. And a lot of it is free. It’s worth a drop by, especially if you have young children.

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If things were only that simple. Last week, some media reported that Arnaldo Ferraro had been elected the chairperson of the Brooklyn Republican Party. Interestingly, an identical certificate of election was also filed with the Board of Elections documenting the election of Bay Ridge attorney Teddy Ghorra as the chairperson of the Brooklyn Republican Party.

Obviously, there will be claims and counter claims. There will be legal papers filed, court actions, participants in the meeting asked to appear before a judge, and examination and cross examination under oath to determine exactly what happened. In addition to the several dozen witnesses to the actual proceeding within the meeting room, I am told that there is a video of the public part of the entire proceeding, so it should not be that difficult to get to the truth.

As they say, it will all come out in the wash. But, in the interim, the saga continues.

*                  *             *

Loony would be the best way to describe the three or four New York City councilmembers who did a proclamation and held a press conference honoring the traitor Ethel Rosenberg. She and her husband Julius Rosenberg were tried and convicted of espionage over many years on behalf of Joseph Stalin and the Soviet Union. And, in particularm the couple was convicted of obtaining highly classified documents relating to America’s nuclear program, which greatly aided the Soviet Union in developing atomic weapons.

There have been theories that she may not have been guilty of all the crimes she was convicted of committing, theories that have been debunked numerous times, but even then no one has ever suggested that she was not a spy working with her husband and other family members for the Communists.

The lead councilmembers honoring the commie and traitor were Mark Levine and Daniel Dromm. They were joined by Manhattan Borough President Gail Brewer.

Jerry Kassar is the chairperson of the Kings County Conservative Party. He is a longtime community activist who has served as an officer or member of many organizations. He works for the state of New York.

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