Unsung Bay Ridge: Businessman activist


I am honored to recognize the community service contributions of my friend, Robert (Bob) Ottofaro, owner and operator of Panda Ski Shop and Panda Golf. Both stores are located at 92nd Street and Fifth Avenue.

Bob was at the forefront of helping Fifth Avenue Board of Trade efforts to restore the business corridor of Fifth Avenue. As a businessman, his stores have been rated number one by the Better Business Bureau. As a community activist, he has supported graffiti campaigns, the painting of bus stops, meters and lampposts.

He is always ready to respond any time I ask for community service contributions, often donating coats, hats and golf equipment. Bob is an annual sponsor of the Fort Hamilton Army Base Commanders Golf Outing, enabling some of the soldiers to play without cost.

He is active in the Cathedral Club and the many charitable causes it promotes. Throughout the years, Bob and his number one supporter, his beautiful wife, Donna, have been on Fifth Avenue helping to keep our community clean and beautiful. He is assisted by his sons Robert and Michael John, who are following the great example of their dad. We applaud the community service of the Ottofaro family.


Adieu to one of my best friends of many decades; our patriot Howie Dunn. He will never be forgotten. When I pass through the streets of Bay Ridge and see so many U.S. flags flying, I think of Howie and his great work in distributing many of those flags to homes and businesses. I am proud that he was able to attend the last Memorial Day Parade in which he was grand marshal.

As head of the American Legion in Brooklyn, Howie has left big shoes that no one can quite fill. We shall carry on in his memory, with the support of his wife and partner in service, Mae. and his daughter, Geraldine. May he rest in peace.

The Merchants of Third Avenue Pioneer Dinner will be held at the Bay Ridge Manor on Monday, October 26. Tickets are $75 per person. Please contact Chuck Otey for reservations at 718-836-6700.


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