Young Brooklynite is an author on the rise

For most adults that are aspiring authors, it takes years to receive both the inspiration and courage to pen their first story. However, for a young Brooklynite, it took a few short months.

Seventh grader Huda Ayaz, who currently attends Al-Noor School, 675 Fourth Avenue, has had a passion for writing since she was five-years-old.

“I started writing early in the first grade,” said Ayaz, who currently lives in Kensington. “At first, I started reading and writing a lot. Then I wrote short stories.”

Some of her early short stories were fiction and dealt with animals and the cold months of winter. “I love the season and snow, so I really enjoy including those elements in my writing,” she added.

Ayaz’s vivid imagination also pushed her to write. “Whenever I read, it takes me to another world and my imagination would go wild start writing short stories,” she added. “I always like to read more than watch television or movies. You get to use your own imagination instead of watching a movie where it’s already made for you.”

Once Ayaz reached the fourth grade, she was ready to write her first book and it started with a dream. “One night, I had a dream of going to a planet where snow was everywhere and it was this very happy place. I told my family about the dream the next day and they told me it sounded very interesting, so I decided to start writing the book,” the young author said.

It took about three months for Ayaz to write Freeze-land: A New Beginning, then the the rest of year to get it published. “My family was the biggest support for me, especially my parents,” she said. “My older sister read my book and gave it constant edits. It was really fun and I learned how to revise a lot.”

The finished product tells the story of Samantha Ringle, who meets a fairy princess in need named Rebecca from a world named Freeze-Land. Samantha must save Rebecca’s world from an evil character named Lord Ninstragger.

“The message is when you think positive, you make the environment happy,” she explained. “Negative thinking will make the world both dark and sad.”

Huda Ayaz signing copies of her book.
Huda Ayaz signing copies of her book.

The release  of Freeze-Land was met with much fanfare and accolades for the young writer. “I received a letter from President Obama,” Ayaz recalled. “I sent my book to them and they thanked us. It was a really big honor and it’s encouraging that so many people are proud of me and supporting,” she said.

Ayaz also took a trip to Hollywood where she pitched her book to several producers. “It was such an exciting honor,” she said.

As far as her future is concerned, Ayaz knows that writing will be in her life. She’s just not sure in what capacity. “I want to continue to write as long as I live, hopefully. I don’t know if I want to major in it yet,” she said.

As of today, Ayaz has completed four books. Two have been published and two are in progress.

Ayaz — whose favorite books include the Junie B. Jones and Harry Potter series — wants other youngsters to know that it’s never too early to start making your dreams come true.

“You can achieve whatever as long as you are determined. It doesn’t have to be just writing,” she said. “It was a lot of work for me. My family was a big support, pushing me on. They encouraged me to keep working even if I felt I would give up.”

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