Unsung Bay Ridge: Multi-faceted volunteer


This week’s Bay Ridge resident who has really made a difference in our community is Ilene Sacco. When she moved to Bay Ridge 20 years ago, Ilene immediately jumped in to assist us in cleaning our parks and Fifth Avenue of graffiti. She also joined the Bay Ridge Community Council, eventually becoming its president.

Ilene works closely with the Dyker Heights Civic Association and many other charitable organizations. Ten years ago, she became president of the 68th Community Council, where her leadership promoted community-wide police appreciation programs.

The latest was the most impressive, as it gave our community the opportunity to show our appreciation for the 68th Precinct by writing messages, drawing pictures, taking photographs and many other creative forms of showing appreciation for our NYPD. This outpouring of appreciation has become ‘wallpaper’ on the walls of the precinct; a constant reminder that our community is thankful for their service.

In spite of her hectic volunteer schedule, she still finds time to maintain a full-time job as an attorney with the State of New York. At present, she is busy preparing for our holiday drive to collect toys for military families at Fort Hamilton and other local organizations.


State Senator Marty Golden dedicated his Veterans Day breakfast on November 9 to the late, great Howard Dunn. Thanks, Marty, for honoring the memory of a friend who was dear to us all. Those who served were hosted at the Bay Ridge Manor, 476 76th Street.

Congratulations to our newly elected Assemblymember Pamela Harris, who immediately assumed office upon her election to complete the term of former Assemblymember Alec Brook-Krasny. Pamela is ready to serve her constituents and we are looking forward to working with her for the good of our community.

UNSUNG FOLK REMEDIES: Almonds for migraines

A folk remedy for migraines is to eat two handfuls of almonds (preferably non-salted). Almonds contain salicin, which is said to the reason why many people find relief. Some eat the almonds after taking over-the-counter pain medication if the medication seems ineffective. On the other hand, people with a sensitivity to almonds may find it a trigger for migraines.

Please consult your doctor if you have any health concerns, or are on any medication.

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