Bay Ridge eatery raises over $6,000 for local girl

One local eatery really got into the spirit of holiday giving as it held a fundraiser for 12-year-old, Julia Bruzzese, a St. Bernadette’s student who inexplicably lost mobility in her legs earlier this year.

Zitelli’s (8530 Third Avenue), hosted the event on Wednesday, December 16 in an effort to raise money for the family—stricken with medical bills, a laundry list of insurance issues and several unclear diagnoses for the middle schooler’s condition.

“We are deeply touched by the amazing show of love at Zitelli’s,” Enrico Bruzzese, Julia’s father, said of the event. “The entire Zitelli’s family are beautiful people inside and out. What they have given to Julia on this night is priceless.”

Overall, the event raised $6,500 for the family.

“Their extraordinary love has given Julia a tremendous sense of inspiration,” added Bruzzese. “It has us an emotional mess. We are forever grateful and will never forget the love we have experienced at Zitelli’s.”

Zitelli’s owner Domenick Abitino told this paper that the fundraiser was all in the spirit of giving, and, hopefully, money would be raised for a family that needs it.

“We’re hoping that’ll put them, at least for the holidays, in a good place,” said Abitino. “We’re trying to do the best we can to help them out and get people to donate.”

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