Gem Auto Leasing makes finding your next car a breeze

Boasting a one-of-a-kind business right in the heart of Sheepshead Bay, Gem Auto Leasing, the tristate area’s first female-owned auto leasing company, is on the fast track to success with their personable approach, unbeatable customer service and vast variety of vehicle leasing or buying options.

Co-owners Diane Lasky and Michelle Levine – with over 40 years in the auto business between them – have striven to make their mark in an industry predominantly dominated by men.

“We left where we were to open up this business because we didn’t like the way customers were being treated,” Lasky said. “We are more personable. It’s about making the customer part of our family as opposed to it being just another number or another car on the road.”

Often, what should be a pleasant experience turns out to be a hassle, creating anxiety and unwanted stress, the duo explained.

With their mantra of “If You Can Dream it….You Can Drive It,” the women take the hassle out of leasing or financing a new car and work with their customers to find the best scenario for their particular circumstances, holding to whatever prices they have quoted so there are no last-minute negotiations.

“We care about the customer’s feelings. We care if they can afford it or not,” said Levine. “We’ll tell you to think about, go home and make sure it’s good for your budget. We believe in not pressuring our customers.”

With this compassionate view, the pair—operating out of their Gravesend Neck Road location since June of 2015—has already garnered support from the local community.

“People are walking in saying ‘this place is so homey and cozy,’” added Lasky. “When they leave, their first words are ‘I can’t believe how easy this was, there was no haggling, no pressure, it’s not like sitting around in a dealership trying to make a deal.’”

In fact, Gem Auto Leasing really embodies the one-stop car-shopping experience, offering customers the opportunity to purchase or lease the vehicle they want at prices well below MSRP, and matching or beating the prices quoted by local competitors. The company also offers a true zero down payment program, and will help customers determine whether they are better off purchasing or leasing their next car. Give Gem Auto Leasing a call today, and you could be driving away in your new vehicle within 24 hours.

Gem Auto Leasing
1809 Gravesend Neck Road
718-646-GEM1 (4361)
Monday through Friday 9am-8pm

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