New website to detail index crimes across the city

The New York City Police Department announced on Wednesday, December 30 the creation of a publicly-accessible online site that provides incident-level crime data for the seven major felony offenses commonly known as “Index Crimes.”

According to officials, the time and date of occurrence, location and other details of each reported crime will become available on both the website and an online open data portal. The site will also include an interactive map to track crime locations.

“It is our hope that the public utilizes this information to increase their awareness and knowledge of crime conditions around the city and in their local neighborhoods,” said Police Commissioner William Bratton. “This release of available data is part of the NYPD’s continued effort to promote transparency and collaboration with advocacy groups, community leaders and elected officials as well as members of the public.”

Index crimes include murder,  rape, robbery, burglary, felony assault, grand larcenyand grand larceny auto.

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