Ridge residents chime in on incoming Banana Republic

Since word has spread about a Banana Republic Factory Outlet taking the place of the shuttered Fabco Shoes at 422 86th Street, Ridge residents have weighed in on the chain retailer setting up shop along the bustling commercial strip.

“We’re excited, once again, to have another national chain identify 86th Street and Bay Ridge as a major place to have a retail store,” said Pat Condren, executive director of  the 86th Street Business Improvement District in Bay Ridge — a sentiment that he said John Gallucci, president of the 86th Street BID, shared.

This will be Brooklyn’s second Banana Republic Factory Outlet – with the first located at 485 Fulton Street – and the second Gap Inc. store on the street; a Gap Factory Outlet sits directly across the street from the alleged Banana Republic location.

Some residents have reservations, however.

“I think it’s a wasted opportunity for the middle-income bracket I’ve always known Bay Ridge to be,” said lifelong Bay Ridge resident Ralph Garcia, noting that Banana Republic is the most expensive of the Gap Inc. brands. “I also felt that aesthetically, [the space] is already perfectly set up for an H&M or Uniqlo, which would have fit in just fine, seeing as the area is lacking in both.”

“I can’t say I’m disappointed, because I do love their clothes, and it will probably bring more people to the area,” said Ridge resident Sarah Collins. “But it also raises the never-ending concerns we have here in Bay Ridge about traffic and parking. I just hope it brings more good than bad to the neighborhood.”

The building, originally constructed in 1921, houses three stories which are classified as “mixed residential and commercial use,” according to city zoning. It sits on a 4,000-square-foot lot and has an estimated gross floor area of 10,400 square feet.

Zelnik and Company LLC, the real estate firm which listed the property, declined to comment.

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