Cast of Nickelodeon hit show visits Brooklyn’s Pixel Academy

Nickelodeon invades Brooklyn!

Late last month, the cast of the channel’s hit sitcom “Game Shakers” visited and interacted with children participating in coding camp at the Pixel Academy, 163 Pacific Street.

The academy was founded by Mike Fischthal, who was a senior game designer for Nickelodeon, in 2012. It was designed to give children hands-on experience for advanced computer science, making it the perfect fit for the cast of “Game Shakers” to visit as the show focuses on kids who create the most popular app of the year, a mobile game called, “Sky Whale,” and create a gaming company in Brooklyn.

The show stars Kel Mitchell, who was one of the channel’s biggest stars during the nineties, and is created and executive produced by Dan Schneider, who is responsible for the network’s biggest hits such as “iCarly.”

For the cast, visiting the borough was a special experience.

“It was so cool to be in Brooklyn because I was finally seeing where the show takes place and how awesome the city is,” said actor Thomas Kuc, who plays Hudson.

“My family and I lived in Brooklyn for almost six years prior to us moving to Los Angeles when I was cast in the show,“ added Madisyn Shipman. “I love seeing old friends and just walking around the city. This trip made me really miss sledding at Fort Greene Park though. We have some awesome memories of New York City winters.”

Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Nickelodeon
Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Nickelodeon

Mitchell, who plays Double G, has had a blast returning to the Nickelodeon family and presenting hit shows for a new generation.

“It’s awesome! I have fans from the ’90s and the present. I got moms running up to me, going, I love ‘Good Burger,’ and their kids going, we love Double G,” he said. “The kids on the show are so talented and fun to be around. I have been in their shoes so I love giving them advice. I’m like the cool uncle on the set.”

The feeling is mutual for the younger actors. “He can always bring the energy of the room way up and I’m extremely grateful to be able to work with such an amazing role model,” said Cree Cicchino, who stars as Babe.

According to cast members, the show has resonated with all types of viewers thanks to the cast and story. “Lots of unexpected stuff happens,” added Benjamin Flores, who plays Triple G. “Also, the games we make on the show fans can download in real life on the app store.”

“I think audiences really enjoy the technology aspect of the show,” said Cicchino. “Gaming, coding and technology in general are such a huge part of people’s daily lives today, so I think it’s really special that viewers have the opportunity to play and download the games we make in the show as if they are in ‘Game Shakers’ themselves.”

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