Common Sense: A pope’s view

I find it amusing that some would question the Pope’s authority to comment on what makes a good Christian. Frankly, I would think commenting on religion and Christianity would be a very basic part of the Pope’s job description. After all, among his titles is “Vicar of Christ.”

It’s understandable that supporters of Donald Trump are not going to agree or like the Pope’s comments concerning some of Trump’s controversial statements. Frankly, I sometimes disagree with the Pope. But, I do think the Pope’s view, considering some of Trump’s statements, is not all that surprising.

Many Catholics — including myself — have been disappointed in the past by senior church leadership failing to speak up. Pope Francis is different. He has not been afraid to speak up, to offer a clear view and to lead by example. In this way he teaches us. And I for one never thought the caveat on the Pope speaking up was that he should only speak up when he agrees with us.

So many find Donald Trump’s lack of political correctness as expressed by his bluntness refreshing. I think we can say the same for Pope Francis. His statements are often refreshing and blunt with the intent to make a point and perhaps punctuate a more important lesson. Unfortunately, Trump’s bluntness is more for the dramatic effect and political value, rarely having much in the way of policy to back up his bravado.

Some will say that the Pope did Trump a favor. I would argue that Trump did the Pope a favor by giving the Pontiff the opportunity to gain the attention of hundreds of millions of peoples of all religions in all parts of the world by simply explaining in just a few sentences and under 20 words a basic philosophical disagreement he has with the outspoken presidential candidate.

And I think it is worth noting that, even though all the Republican presidential candidates support a wall or fence along the US/Mexican border, everyone knew the Pope was calling out Donald Trump –- not any of the others. It seemed to me as though the Pope simply had enough of Donald Trump and wanted to say something. There are days that I know exactly how he feels.

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Apple needs to find a way to allow the FBI into the iPhone of shooter Farook. The company’s appeal of the lower court order demanding that it write software which would provide access is the wrong direction to take on this issue.

Apple’s concern over privacy is noble and proper, but there must be a technical compromise available which gives access without essentially jeopardizing the privacy of all iPhone users.

I have faith that the company that invented the iPhone has the capability to protect the privacy of its users and protect national security.

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The Brooklyn Conservative Party has interviewed and endorsed Congressmember Dan Donovan for re-election. The congressmember — who will be running for his first full term — was recently appointed the chairperson of the Homeland Security Sub Committee on Emergency Preparedness. The congressmember is also a member of the Foreign Relations Committee.

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