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Teen’s boyfriend now charged in Sheepshead Bay double murder

The boyfriend of a teenage girl arrested for murdering both her mother and her mother’s boyfriend in early January now has been charged as well.

Sunset Park resident Jerry Maisonett, 28, has been charged with two counts of second degree murder, and four counts of criminal possession of a weapon in connection with the crime, according to police.

Maisonett is alleged to have assisted 15-year-old Destiny Garcia in the murder of her mother, 39-year-old Rosie Sanchez, and her mother’s boyfriend, 40-year-old Anderson Nunez.

The pair was found dead inside their Sheepshead Bay apartment on Sunday, January 3.

Several reports claim that the teen was repeatedly raped by Nunez with the incidents ignored by her mother. Police discovered the bodies inside apartment 5A at 2364 Batchelder Street—Sanchez with multiple gunshot wounds and Nunez with gunshot and stab wounds all over his body.

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