A View from the Cliff: Regina Opera’s “Lucia” is dazzling!

The tympani rumble. The French horns send their warning. The tragic masterpiece “Lucia di Lammermoor” is about to begin. Yes, the Regina Opera Company maintains its musical momentum before another large, enthusiastic house.

At Saturday afternoon’s performance, the orchestra once again establishes its dominance. Conductor Dmitry Glivinskiy confidently leads the ever consistent strings (Yelena Savranskaya, concertmaster), the beautiful harp solos (Kathryn Sloat), flute accompaniments (Richard Paratley, principal) and the entire group of accomplished musicians.

But the day belongs to doomed lover, Lucia. If you still turn a stubborn, deaf ear to opera as just too old-fashioned, you haven’t really heard true singers and soloists. An absolutely dazzling performance by coloratura soprano Meghan Picerno earns numerous “bravas” throughout the drama. Her voice is never too histrionic, always filled with the right combination of emotions and musicality. Brava, indeed!

Rivaling her incredible versatility is the villainous baritone Enrico played by Nathan Matticks. In addition to a flawless delivery, his menacing interpretation as Lucia’s cruel brother is strikingly believable! Challenging Enrico is Lucia’s true love, Edgardo (Heejae Kim). A passionate tenor, his intense emotions are fiercely turned inward when a carefully crafted conspiracy deprives him of his happiness. After all, what opera worth its salt isn’t filled with several characters’ self-destruction!

More mesmerizing interpretations by bass Steven Fredericks and tenors Christopher Eaglin and Tate Jorgensen are welcome additions to an already spectacular afternoon. The much anticipated “sextet” and “mad scene” do not disappoint.

Support from Noelle Currie, Wayne Olsen, Thomas Geib and the entire ensemble is well done. In fact, the standing ovation at the opera’s conclusion confirms what everyone has been thinking—this is a truly breathtaking performance by one and all! There is one disappointment–that those performing on alternate days could not prove their passions onstage on Saturday.

Once again, principal stage director Linda Lehr, ever-present producer Francine Garber-Cohen, and the entire complement of officers and artistic and production staff continues to bring the real definition of “fine art” to Brooklyn.

The troupe currently performs at 5902 Sixth Avenue (Our Lady of Perpetual Help auditorium) with numerous stagings throughout the borough. For information on this and future productions, call 718-259-2772 and check the company’s website at ReginaOpera.org. As always, save me a seat on the aisle.

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