PHOTOS: New Utrecht High School celebrates Lunar New Year in 24th anniversary show

Keeping up with school tradition, New Utrecht High School celebrated the school’s 24th annual Lunar New Year Festival on February 26, to a full house of parents and community members.

The show involved over 80 students, and was watched by an audience of over 1,000 people according to Ms. Yan Lu Lin, the bilingual guidance counselor for the high school.

Lin said that students began practicing two months in advance for the show, with performers rehearsing after school four times a week. Performers ranged from senior students to freshman level. “Everything in the program is planned, directed and performed by our students,” said Lin. “It is amazing how our students had so much discipline and respect for each other in terms of being responsible to practice on their own each day to make their performance better. It was good to see so many parents come out and watch the show.”

Although the event will reach its quarter century anniversary next year, this year’s show marked another important marker — the completion of the second full rotation of the 12 Chinese Zodiac animals.

Students performed both traditional and modern routines, including a Chinese kung-fu presentation. Musical performances ranged from piano to chorus singing and Korean pop music.

“I can tell that our students are more willing to be part of the performance than being an audience,” said Lin. “Their enthusiasm for participating in school activities has increased over the years.”

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