Staycation in Sunset Park at the new Wyndham Garden Hotel

Looking for a luxurious stay close to home? Look no further than Sunset Park.

The booming neighborhood, home to the ever-expanding Industry City – a six million-square-foot creative office and manufacturing space along Sunset Park’s waterfront, is leading the way in all things innovative, commercial and characteristically Brooklyn.

The Wyndham Garden Hotel is no different.

A less than one-year-old fixture in the nabe, the hotel provides guests with top-notch service, eco-friendly options and even pet accommodations.

“We are trying to impact Brooklyn positively,” said Omar Bouchaar, Wyndham Garden Brooklyn’s general manager. “It’s a small hotel, but it’s a great hotel. It brings value and also brings a high level of service to the community.”

Catering to this idea of Community, Bouchaar – an over 20-year veteran in the hotel management industry – says that over 48 percent of his staff are locals, bringing a diverse workforce to the hotel.

“There is a mixed community here,” said Bouchaar. “We have people from China, the Philippines, Mexico. We have huge diversity.”

The hotel, which opened its doors on July 17, is also 100 percent eco-friendly, according to Bouchaar.

“All the chemicals we use, the tissues, all of it is ‘green,’” he said. “All of the equipment we have is 100 percent energy saver and the hotel is certified as a Green Leader with Trip Advisor.

“The whole concept we created is that this is a four-star luxury hotel in Sunset Park, and it is not the same as any of the hotels in the area,” Bouchaar said. “We are different because we offer eco-friendly options, we’re pet friendly, we offer free internet and a very high level of service. The response [so far] has been very positive.”

Sunset Park’s Wyndham Garden Hotel is located at 457 39th Street. For more information, visit or call 718-972-0900.

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