EXCLUSIVE: Convicted murderer Son of Sal pens letter to this paper

He is still proclaiming his innocence.

Convicted murderer Sal Perrone, aka “Son of Sal,” wrote The Home Reporter and Spectator from his cell at the Downstate Correctional Facility, in Fishkill, New York, where he is serving a sentence of 75 years to life for killing three Brooklyn shopkeepers.

The Bensonhurst native, who had moved to Staten Island — shot his first victim, Mohamed Gebeli, in the neck inside of his store – Valentino’s Fashion in Bay Ridge on July 6, 2012. Isaac Kadare, Perrone’s second victim, was also shot in his store, Amazing 99 Cent Deals and Up, in Bensonhurst on August 2, 2012. The final victim, Rahmatollah Vahidipour, was gunned down in his Flatbush business, She She Boutique, on November 16, 2012.

All three men ran family-owned businesses and were shot with the same .22 caliber gun, just before closing time.

But, Perrone contended in his extremely neatly written missive to this newspaper, “KNOWINGLY AND DELIBERATELY, NO EVIDENCE FOR THE DEFENSE PROVIDED AT TRIAL.” This, he said resulted “At the TRIAL, NO CHOICE for the JURY, but to vote GUILTY.”

Perrone attempted at various times to represent himself in court; he fired numerous court-appointed attorneys, and after several psychiatric evaluations, was deemed fit to stand trial but unfit to represent himself.

Perrone called this newspaper prior to his trial to proclaim his innocence from the Kirby Psychiatric Center on Wards Island, where he had been confined since being declared unfit to stand trial in December, 2014.

In a rambling statement, Perrone contended that there had been, “Threats and intimidation of all defense witnesses,” as well as that, “There is evidence that will show that I was elsewhere when the three crimes took place.” He also repeatedly contended that the judge’s signature on the search warrant that turned up evidence being used against him was “forged.” He learned this, he asserted, because “someone provided me with inside information.”

That evidence connecting Perrone to the crimes, discovered at an apartment in Midwood where he frequently stayed, included a duffle bag that had a .22-caliber rifle inside it that ballistics experts have tied to spent shells found at the three crime scenes, as well as a knife covered in blood stains that matched Kadare. Blood stains that matched Vahidipour were found on the bag itself.

Prior to Perrone’s November, 2012 arrest, the NYPD had released videos of someone cops dubbed John Doe Duffle Bag who had been caught on surveillance video just after 6 p.m. on the day of the third murder at two locations near the crime scene.

The letter has been scanned and is reprinted here.

Son of Sal letter April 2016

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