Dyker students strut their stuff in “High School Musical”

Dyker Heights Junior High School, I.S. 201, welcomed student families and friends in support of the school’s latest hit – its own rendition of “High School Musical.”

The students put on four performances — two on Wednesday, March 9 and two on March 11. The final performance, a sold-out show, had students and parents lined up outside trying to get in, most of whom were turned away.

Directed by teacher Christina DeClara, the cast of sixth, seventh and eighth graders starred in a fun-filled show that had the audience singing along and everyone laughing. Because so many students were interested in being a part of the production, there were, in effect, two separate casts, with only four students, including the lead, reprising their roles on both days.

You’d have thought these students had done the show several times before. For a junior high school production, there was a serious lack of stage fright, even singing solos in front of a packed auditorium.

Accompanying the students was Chorus Director Wioletta Bogdanowicz on piano, teacher Christian Botte on guitar, teacher John Altieri on trumpet and student Rodney Ward on percussion. The musical score consisted of “High School Musical” songs including such greats as “What I’ve Been Looking For,” “Stick to the Status Quo” and “We’re All in This Together”.

“To my students–the new, the old, and the on the way out–I know how much I’ve asked of you throughout this process. I hope this is an experience you will always remember — one that you have learned from…for each day you’ve taught me how to be a better educator, a better director and a stronger person. And for that, I thank you.” said DeClara.

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