PHOTOS: Fifth Avenue Festival hits the Ridge

A little rain? Fuggehdabouddit.

Fifth Avenue Festival-goers didn’t let a little storm dampen their good time on Sunday, June 5 as the neighborhood street fair – now in its 22nd year – brought big fun to Bay Ridge.

Starting at Bay Ridge Avenue and going up to 85th Street, the festival promised a wide range of food, performances, vendors and rides along its 16-block course.

“Considering the weather reports, it went very well,” said head organizer and longtime Ridgeite Chip Cafiero. “The crowd was a little bit lighter than usual because people were afraid to chance it but after that one spurt of rain had passed, we were lucky and people were in a very good mood.”

Basil Capetanakis, vice president of the Fifth Avenue BID, shared the same sentiment.

“Despite the weather, the people that were there enjoyed it,” said Capetanakis. “We were disappointed because a lot of the big rides were not able to operate in the rain, but a lot of people came out and enjoyed some good food and entertainment.”

This year’s live entertainment included performances from Narrows Community Theater, the band Full Disclosure and belly dancers.

“Overall, [we had] some minor problems because of the weather but we managed to get through it and it was a success,” added Cafiero. “The vendors that were there did very well and the crowd had a great time.”

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