Local precincts continue tradition with National Night Out Against Crime

The tradition of precincts and local communities coming together continues.

The 33rd Annual National Night Out Against Crime, coming up on Tuesday, August 2, is designed to take a stand against crime by celebrating a day of music, games, rides and information, with Brooklyn precincts, including the 68th, taking part.

“We have quite a number of community groups that participate,” said President of the 68th Precinct Community Council David Ryan. “They’ll have tables in the parks and will be giving out information about their various local community groups. Some of them are anti-crime specific, while others discuss what they do for the community, such as the NIA and the Guild for Exceptional Children.”

Each year, the event is highly attended thanks to its activities and commitment to putting a stop to local crime. “We’ve had up to 5,000 people attend this event,” he said. “It not only shows community support for the local police department, but it also shows that our local police officers want to interact with citizens and community as a whole and to a enjoy a fun-filled night together. We offer free hot dogs too.”

Officers will have anti-crime initiatives which includes etching for the cars and a new practice where attendees can get their smartphones registered in case it gets lost, “We also have anti-crime tips at the table,” Ryan added. “People look forward to seeing all those community groups. And there’s a chance for them to interact with the police and express concerns they might have about the community as well as some support for our local police which is always appreciated.”

The event will also offer attendees the opportunity to meet and learn about local elected officials. “It will be a great opportunity to interact with elected officials like Congressmember Dan Donovan, State Senator Marty Golden, Assemblymember Nicole Malliotakis and Councilmember Vincent Gentile,” Ryan said. “They all have tables at the event and it’s a chance for them and their staffs to meet and greet constituents and explain what their mission is.”

According to Ryan, the highlight of the event will be the music. Like last year, this year’s band will be Ragdoll, a tribute band which previously performed Frankie Valli tunes. However, this time around, they will be playing Beach Boys songs. “The concert is the icing on the cake. It appeals to all ages,” he said. “It’s a great band. We got great reviews from them last year.”

Ryan urges attendees going to the concert to bring their own lawn chair.

Adults aren’t the only ones that will have fun. There are multiple activities for the kids. “The precinct will be there with a couple of its patrol cars and vans that kids get to go in and we also have those bouncy rides,” he said. “There will also be some giveaways and really great raffle prizes. In the past, we’ve raffled off bicycles and iPads, and it helps defer the cost of everything.”

The 68th Precinct Community Council National Night Out Against Crime is on Tuesday, August 2 in Shore Road Park at 79th Street from 6 to 9 p.m.

Sponsors for the event will include Century 21, Northfield Bank, Bay Ridge Auto Group and The Home Reporter.

The 72nd Precinct will celebrate from 4 to 8 p.m. at the Sunset Park Soccer Field, Sixth Avenue and 44th Street, and will include free food and music.

The 62nd Precinct will hold theirs on 1925 Bath Avenue from 6 to 9 p.m. and will also include food, music, dance, rides, contests, crafts and games.



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