PHOTOS: First of four Summer Strolls takes over Bay Ridge

The annual summer event transformed busy Third Avenue into a pedestrian hub, complete with live entertainment, music, al fresco dining, and a chance to catch up with the neighborhood without the hassle of traffic getting in the way.

“It was a fabulous meeting where people can get out their houses and can walk the avenue traffic free,” said Robert Howe, president of the Merchants of Third Avenue.

Summer Stroll is part of the citywide Weekend Walks program, run by the city’s Department of Transportation, that promotes healthy recreation and local business. Recognized as the city’s largest and most successful of the Summer Stroll programs, Third Avenue’s Summer Stroll enables pedestrians to enjoy all of Bay Ridge to its fullest.

Howe is honored by how much the Third Avenue Summer Stroll has impacted the community and how it brings a community out to enjoy a summer evening together. With the next Summer Stroll on Friday, July 22 approaching quickly, Howe hopes the next few strolls will be just as successful.

“It’s become an institution over the past five years here. It’s something people put on their calendars and look forward to,” said Howe.

The July 22 event will be held on  Third Avenue between Bay Ridge Avenue and 80th Street. Additional strolls will be held on Friday, August 5 and Friday, August 12 on Third Avenue between 80th and 90th Streets. They all take place from 6 to 10 p.m.

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