PHOTOS: One reporter’s quest to find Pokémon at Cannonball Park

Growing up with Pokémon was cool. Trading cards during recess and then running home to watch Ash, Brock, Misty and Pikachu go on adventures was my social norm and daily routine.

So, it was an easy decision for me to hit the download button on the app store when Pokémon Go was first released on July 6.

Whether you’re trying to avoid it, or are working to become a Pokémon trainer in the new game, Pokémon Go is everywhere. The new game is the latest summer fad, getting fans up and out of the house to search for the rarest of Pokémon’s to show off to their friends.

During the few days that the app has been around, many skeptics are wondering if the game is safe, as horror stories of people getting robbed and hurt have circulated the web. It’s been so out of hand, the NYPD has even released tips on how people can stay safe while playing the game.

With work and life getting in the way (and the nuisance of deleting and re-downloading the app several times due to technological glitches), I haven’t had much time to play the game until a few days ago.

From our newspaper’s office, the addicting new app led me to John Paul Jones Park (also known as Cannonball Park) right in Bay Ridge. Not only did I catch about 10 Pokémon in the hour that I spent there, I also met other Pokémon fanatics on the hunt for their next Pokémon.

On my quest, I was able to capture a Squirtle, a Growlithe, a Krabby and several Rattata. While I watched others play the game in the park, I did get a good laugh at some of the great lengths people will go to catch their Pokémon (I even managed to trip several times will trying to catch said Squirtle).

Call us nerds or roll your eyes at us as we frantically run around and try to add another Pokémon to our pokedex, but it’s all in good fun. Like all fads, this will eventually end, but let us catch em’ all while we still can.

Happy hunting, fellow Pokémon fans!

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