68th Precinct Police Beat: Robber breaks into Bay Ridge laundromat

The 68th Precinct serves Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights and Fort Hamilton.


Between Monday, August 15 at around 8:55 p.m. and Tuesday, August 16 at 7:03 a.m., an unknown crook broke into a Bay Ridge laundromat at 82nd Street and Fifth Avenue and stole $500. The employee who saw the damage at the store the following morning stated that the burglar likely entered through the rear by smashing the window. Once inside, he stole the cash.


A 62-year-old woman was sitting on a bench in Leif Ericson Park on the northwest corner of Fort Hamilton Parkway and 66th Street on Tuesday, August 16 at around 5:25 p.m. when an unknown thief approached her and grabbed several of the woman’s items before fleeing the park. The perp stole nearly $970 worth of property, including a watch, gold rings, cash, phone and debit cards.

No arrest has been made.


A Bay Ridge Korean restaurant was burglarized on Saturday, August 20 at approximately 12:12 a.m. An unknown male burglar broke into the eatery at 93rd Street and Third Avenue by wedging the side door with tools. Once inside, the man stole the cash register, worth around $100, and the money inside of it, which was $40. A 43-year-old female employee discovered the missing register the following day. Video surveillance was available; however the quality was poor.

No arrests have been made


A 25-year-old man had his iPhone stolen while riding on the S53 bus traveling from Staten Island to Bay Ridge. At around 2 p.m. on Wednesday, August 17,  when the bus had reached 86th Street and Fifth Avenue, a perp, described in police reports as an Hispanic woman, grabbed the phone from the man’s hand. When the victim tried to get the phone, worth around $750, the man claims the woman pulled out a knife and swung it at him four times. The woman then fled eastbound towards 86th Street. No injuries were reported.


A total of $6,300 worth of electronics were stolen from a car parked near Shore Road and 80th Street on Monday, August 15. The victim had parked his vehicle at around 3:22 p.m. to go inside his house to change his clothes. When he came back, he found that the vehicle had been ransacked and a perp, described in police reports as a 28-year-old man, had stolen two Apple laptops and a smartphone.


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