Annual Brooklyn Shakespeare Festival returns to Owl’s Head Park

For lovers of theatre and Shakespeare everywhere, brooklynONE productions is bringing back its annual Brooklyn Shakespeare Festival for the fourth year in Bay Ridge’s Owl’s Head Park on Saturday, August 27.

“We’re so grateful to be able to bring Shakespeare to Bay Ridge,” said Anthony Marino, co-founder of brooklynONE and director/producer of the show. “It’s something that continues to grow every year, and if the neighborhood continues to be so supportive, I think it’s something that can be a much larger festival in the coming years and a great tradition for Brooklyn.”

According to Marino, the show will have a modern twist whereby the genders may be switched, relationships between the characters may vary, and the storyline will be condensed so that the show can be a little shorter than usual Shakespeare plays.

BrooklynONE is based in southern Brooklyn, and has had its works produced throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan. For more information on brooklynONE productions, visit

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