Coworkrs allows small businesses to succeed in Gowanus

Throw everything you know about traditional work spaces out the window – Coworkrs provides a space that allows businesses of all sizes to co-work together.

Coworkrs is a company that was founded by Shlomo Silber and his business partner. Silber and his business partner had spent the twelve years in the commercial real estate industry and in 2009 they opened their own contracting/real estate firm. It wasn’t until 2012 that the seeds of a new business idea were planted for Silber.

“I randomly had to meet with someone in a co-working space,” said Silber. “Our company was expanding, and after noticing the trend of co-working, the idea was formed.”

Silber formed Coworkrs in 2012, and in 2013 Coworkrs opened its first location in Flatiron. Coworkrs has since launched three new locations; two in New York’s Financial District and one in Gowanus, Brooklyn (located at 68 Third Street).

Each co-working space is unique, but Coworkrs’s Gowanus branch gives freelancers, entrepreneurs and small business a space that is described by Silber as a “family neighborhood” where they won’t have the distractions that working out of their home may bring.

The Gowanus branch features 24 hour access for those who use the space, high speed internet, conference rooms, mail service, printers, copiers, HD projectors and many more amenities to ensure that everyone who uses the space, whether it is an individual freelancer, a start-up, or an established small business, can feel at home in the co-working space while being able to succeed.

“We really like to focus on hospitality,” mentioned Silber, who sees Coworkrs as a hospitality company rather than a traditional business. “We try to take care of the needs of each company, such as providing the phones and other physical needs like space so they can focus on what they need to get done and be comfortable.”

Coworkrs has a lot to look forward to as the year goes on. This month Coworkrs is featuring Artfully August, where all throughout August they will be showcasing different art shows in their spaces. Additionally, Coworkrs will be opening two new locations during the year; at their 55 Broadway location they will be opening their official event space and at their 60 Broad location, they will be opening what Silber describes as a “step-up space” for larger companies who want all of the perks of a large office with the close, comfortable feel of a start-up.

Every day at Coworkrs, whether it is at the Gowanus branch or any of the other Coworkrs spaces, connections are being made through the co-working experience.

“All of the companies come together. People start to chat and schmooze and relationships form,” noted Silber, who has seen how co-working is becoming a popular work trend. “We’re making connections while helping with the day to day needs of companies.”

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