Food manufacturing in Sunset expands at Brooklyn Army Terminal annex

The Brooklyn Army Terminal (BAT) is expanding its food manufacturing experience with a hub within its annex.

New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) President Maria Torres-Springer announced on Wednesday, August 11 at BAT Annex, 140 58th Street, that the entire 55,000 square foot space will serve up to 10 growing food manufacturing companies.

The day also marked the grand opening of the first small food manufacturer to expand to the annex, MOMO Dressing.

Every day at EDC, we think about what strengthens the neighborhood for innovation,” said Torres-Springer . “We have found that one of the barriers for food manufacturers who want to grow their business, was finding the type of space that is appropriate, customized and affordable for them to take the next stage in their business growth.”

According to Torres-Springer, EDC has assisted in the building of the facility, including several upgrades: “The types of things that we know that if we invested in them, then [the manufacturers] could spend most of their time really growing and concentrating on their business, creating new jobs and growing the sector of this city’s economy.”

For co-owners of MOMO Dressing, Masaki and Yukimi Momose, moving from Industry City to BAT is a pleasant change. “We never expected today to happen so it’s very wonderful for us,” said Masaki. “When we started the business, we started at the farmer’s market in Brooklyn. We know Sunset Park very well.  A lot of our businesses connect to Manhattan so we want to be close.”

“We’re finally ready to grow,” added Yukimi. “We have a perfect space. We can produce all the dressings here and make more people happy. We are ready for it.”

Councilmember Carlos Menchaca also embraced the company’s move. “I’m looking forward to you growing your business,” he said. “I want to see Sunset Park faces here labeling, making the incredible dressings that you have and that’s what we’re here to celebrate as well.”

MOMO joins other food manufacturers, such as Jacques Torres Chocolate, at BAT.

For Torres, there are distinct advantages to working at the complex.  “They made it possible for my business partner and myself to build this chocolate manufacturer,” he said. “And we are growing. We are hiring a lot of people from the community which is a very positive situation.”

That’s exactly what EDC wants to see for the food manufacturers that will be housed at the annex.

“What is clear by being here is that some of our most delicious innovations are being made courtesy of amazing entrepreneurs, so it really is a pleasure to welcome them to the Brooklyn Army Terminal,” added Torres-Springer. “MOMO is already contributing to what is a growing manufacturing ecosystem here.”

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