PHOTOS: Green-Wood hosts its biggest Battle of Brooklyn commemoration yet

It was the biggest Battle of Brooklyn commemoration yet for Green-Wood Cemetery.

On Sunday, August 28, the Green-Wood Historic Fund hosted the 240th anniversary of the historic battle featuring events and activities for people of all ages, such as the parade of flags, re-enactments, colonial-era music and performers dressed as American icons such as George Washington.

“Overall, it was a major success,” said Manager of Programs at Green-Wood Harry Weil. “Over 4,000 people came throughout the day, morning and afternoon. It was the largest crowd we’ve ever had.”

Because the day featured many activities, there were numerous highlights for attendees. “It depends on who you ask,” Weil said. “For the kids, I think they loved seeing horses and the cannons going off. For the adults, it was watching their kids interacting with the re-enactors and getting excited about learning about history.”

Those in attendance paid tribute to the soldiers who fought during the Battle of Brooklyn, an early battle of the American Revolution, fought partially on Green-Wood’s Battle Hill.

“The ceremony on top of the hill was to commemorate those who died in the Battle of Brooklyn, but also allowed us to reflect that this is where it was fought,” he said.

The Green-Wood event concluded a week of activities and events throughout the borough to mark the 240th anniversary of the largest battle of the Revolutionary War.

“What’s great about the event at Green-Wood is that it’s the largest one during Battle of Brooklyn Week,” Weil stressed. “It’s a great crowd-pleaser. People love to see the great re-enactors we have. They interact and engage with the audience and that’s what makes it so great. It’s not just looking at them. (Attendees) participate too. They can walk from the main entrance to the top of Battle Hill, and pick up replica regimental flags of the Revolutionary War.

“We feel fortunate that so much of the community came out to Green-Wood,” Weil concluded. “What makes it special is not just the celebration of history, but having it come alive where it happened.”

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