The Little Flame is Bay Ridge’s newest barbecue joint

The flame has been ignited!

Bay Ridge is back in the barbecue restaurant business as the Little Flame Restaurant BBQ, 8727 Fourth Avenue, officially held its ribbon-cutting ceremony on Monday, September 19.

The eatery is now owned by brothers Harmelo and Herminio Galindo, taking over the space that was once Uncle Jimmy’s Backyard BBQ.

“Harmelo and Herminio came last year and decided to take over the former Uncle Jimmy’s BBQ Restaurant,” said manager Michele Hughes. “So for the past few months, they’ve been preparing to put in their own restaurant. We want the whole neighborhood to know that we are here under new ownership and then they eventually changed the name. It took a few months to switch.”

The Galindo brothers operated the restaurant under the old name until this past summer and want to make The Little Flame its own experience while preserving what made its predecessor popular with the neighborhood.

“We expanded the menu. We now serve breakfast, lunch and dinner,” said Herminio. “We still have the same recipes, but definitely more selection.”

According to Harmelo, the new restaurant brought back various dishes that were taken off the menu towards the end of Uncle Jimmy’s run.

“They lowered the prices on the whole menu,” added Hughes. “Everything is a great deal. We’ve got lunch specials, happy hour, great dinner specials on the weekend.  We’ve gained back a lot of the regular customers. “

In addition, the restaurant also added healthy alternatives. “We have a lot of healthy and vegetarian choices now that they didn’t have before,” said Hughes.


“We kept the healthy sandwiches on the menu,” added Hermelo. “If people want a special dish, we’ll do it if we have the ingredients. We also want to hear if you don’t like something.”

The owners and manager intend to keep everything that made Uncle Jimmy’s an appetizing destination. “When the owner sold (Uncle Jimmy’s), he showed them and sold them the recipes to the barbecue food,” said Hughes. “I’d say half the sales are from the barbecue menu. People still love it and they like that we kept everything on the menu. When people call, they ask if we still have certain dishes and they’re happy when they hear we do.”

Ribs and pulled pork are back on the menu.

So far, the neighborhood has embraced the change, and the Galindos are happy to be in Bay Ridge. “It’s a dream come true. We’ve been in the business for so many years,” Herminio said. “We love it here. want to stay here forever.”

The Little Flame is open from 6 a.m.-10 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays and 6 a.m.- 9 p.m. on Sundays. Free delivery is also provided. For more information, call 718-567-3800.

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