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Third Avenue Festival to return for its 43rd year to bring Bay Ridge cheer

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean it’s time to stop partying on the streets of Bay Ridge.

Another one of the neighborhood’s tradition continues with the 43rd annual Third Avenue Festival. Organizer Chip Cafiero says that over the decades, the event has proven to be more than just an average festival for attendees.

“The festival is very important to Bay Ridge,” Cafiero said. “It brings the community together just like the Summer Stroll. Having these kinds of events makes Bay Ridge a small town within a big city.”

Die-hard fans can expect the same variety of fun as in past years along with some new vendors and surprises. “Once again, we’ve got a ton of entertainment. It’s going to be very active all day throughout the avenue,” Cafiero said of the festival, which spans from Bay Ridge Avenue to 93rd Street. “It’s basically the same type of layout that we had in the past but there are a lot of new vendors along with some of the same ones.”

One of the new vendors that has Cafiero and the neighborhood excited is the New York Islanders, “I can’t say if there are specific players coming, but they told me there would be surprises and that they’re giving away stuff and promotion from their booth at 88th Street,” he said, adding that he’s excited about the new additions.

As far as traditions, musical performances will also play a major role. “They’ll be dancing in the streets all over the place. That’s for sure,” Cafiero predicted. “It’s always good to have new vendors and keep them rotating.”

The food remains the event’s biggest attraction. “Food is important for most festivals, but this one is really unique,” he said. “There are so many different types of food because we have so many different restaurant types putting out great dishes. “

Cafiero claims that traditional food such as sausages, gyros and Spanish food remain very popular. “The restaurants are the best and the vendors, of course, are good, too,” he said.

The Third Avenue Festival will be held on Sunday, October 2 from 10 a.m.-6 p.m., rain or shine.

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