Young woman found dead and covered in blood inside Owl’s Head Skate Park

A young woman was found dead in the skate park inside of Owl’s Head Park in Bay Ridge on Thursday morning, September 29.

According to a police source, the woman — whose name has not yet been released but is said to be white, blonde and anywhere from 25 to 30 years old — was found at around 9:30 a.m. on the eastern side of the Brooklyn park, inside the fencing of the skate park where kids as young as five routinely bike and board.

According to reports, the woman — whose face was reportedly smeared with blood — suffered some type of head wound and died at the scene.

The police source told this paper that “it looks like she knew her assailant.”

Another source said that the woman– found dressed in a blue shirt and black pants — does not appear to have been a jogger.

An investigation is currently underway.


  1. Not for nuthin but that skate park is supposed to be locked up at night and supervised when open. Both stopped happening last year. And while most of the kids using it are cool, it’s also attracted a gang element from outside the neighborhood which is also responsible for vandalizing the park and tagging streets like Wakeman Place.

    • idk what your talking about i skate there everyday for the past 6months and there is no “gang element” what so ever….the people who tag the park are just taggers and nobody else. not gangs……i make it my buisness to know the locals there and there all awesome af.

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