Brooklyn Center for Performing Arts celebrates 62nd season at Brooklyn College

Bringing the world to Brooklyn.

As the non-profit Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts presents its 62nd season at the Brooklyn College campus, attendees can expect that same beloved tradition, along with a few new performances.

“It’s really a privilege to continue work here,” said Jon Yanofsky, director for Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts. “We connect the central south Brooklyn audience to a world of art and strive to present shows that reflect the borough and community. As they change, over six decades and even six years, we’ve tried to move with those changes and demographics.”

The goal for Yanofsky, who has been director for three years, is for the program to create an access point for people within the area. “There isn’t a lot of performing arts in this part of the borough,” he said. “We take seriously our mission to be that access point, so that everyone has an opportunity to be excited about what’s happening on stage.”

The center’s mission is reflected in its audience. “Our core patron base is Brooklyn-based with 80 percent from the borough and within a five mile radius in Brooklyn, but it’s incredible from how far and wide people come to see these performances,” said Yanofsky.

One of the reasons the center has been so successful is its diversity. “We have a wide range of offerings from international artists, local companies and family audiences, to cultural-specific programs,” Yanofsky said.

The 2016-17  shows promise to bring excitement. The year leads off with Black Violin. “They have been making a lot of waves with what they’ve done with their classic music, hip hop and R&B mix,” said Yanofsky. “They’ve toured with Alicia Keys and have a distinct message for the community which is not to judge everything by what you see. We’re excited to be a part of their success to kick off season.”

Another upcoming show will be performed by the Theater Dance Company of Jamaica, which is returning to the venue. “It’s like a family reunion,” noted Yanofsky. “It truly is like a family and they look forward to coming back to Brooklyn.”

Although every show generates different types of excitement, there are some shows highlighted for attendees. “Everyone is excited about Tony Danza’s show,” he said. “I believe it’s his first time performing in Brooklyn even though he was born in the borough.”

The holiday season also brings out the best in the program. “The Colonial Nutcracker is popular. It’s the first live performance many kids see in professional theater. It plays an important role to give kids their first taste of the performing arts,” Yanofsky stressed. “We are also excited to continue the annual Lunar New Year celebration by Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company for the fourth year. It’s an amazing program. You can travel the world without leaving the borough when you come to our shows.”

The new season for the Brooklyn Center for Performing Arts at Brooklyn College begins on October 29 at 8 p.m. when Black Violin takes the stage. Tickets are $25. To purchase tickets and for a full schedule of performances, visit

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