On Stage at Kingsborough debuts “DOT” for its family series

The magic is back at On Stage at Kingsborough.

The program begins its annual family series with a performance by Maduixa Theatre of Spain of “DOT,” an award winning show for children that includes new technologies, theatre, dance and music.

The group will be making its New York debut at the Brooklyn venue.

“I went to the Granada Festival in Spain during the summer of 2015 and I saw an amazing array of work,” said Anna Becker, executive director of On Stage at Kingsborough, who was introduced to the group by the Spanish Consulate.

“It is inspired by American artist Sol LeWitt,” she added. “He works with colors and shapes. It is inspired by his artwork. It’s a living and breathing performance. It’s a great multimedia show with theatre, dance and movement, and a lot of imagination.”

What makes the show unique is the vibrant atmosphere on stage. “There is an infinite amount of colors and shapes, lovely musical accompaniment,” she said. “The characters are creating their own world on a screen. It sparks the imagination of the audience and it is visually mesmerizing. It’s great to see these performers creating a world in a lovely way.”

According to Becker, the show features plenty of spectacle without bombarding the audience and will hopefully turn children into avid theater fans. “You can find so many stories about why the performing arts help children learn and succeed and excel,” she said. “For me, what’ was important about it when I had little ones and brought them to the theater, is how vital it is to make sure you can spark a child’s imagination and show him or her how to think outside the box and dream. That’s one of the things theater can do like nothing else.”


On Stage at Kingsborough also wants to make sure that its shows can appeal to all audiences. “When selecting family shows, we of course gear them towards children, but we want to make sure the quality is high so adults will appreciate them, too,” she said.

For its family show selections, On Stage at Kingsborough prides itself on high quality and diverse performances. “We have made this commitment to have international works here so audiences can be exposed to different works from around the world,” Becker said. “Our standards are high and we’re always looking for leading artists in the field. At On Stage at Kingsborough, if you’re curious about a certain art form, we want you see the best representation of that form.”

The Family Series will feature two more shows throughout the season, “Twinkle Tames a Dragon” on February 5, and “Morgan’s Journey” on May 13.

“It’s really great to know when you come here, you’ll be able to have so many representations of different forms of theater,” Becker said.

After every show, the audience can come and meet the cast in the lobby, and get autographs and photos with the cast.

“DOT” will be performed on Saturday, October 29 at 2 p.m. at 2001 Oriental Boulevard. Tickets are $12. For more information, visit www.onstageatkingsborough.org.

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