PHOTOS: Dyker Civic Association celebrates and honors at annual Dinner Dance

The Dyker Civic Association — one of the oldest civic organizations in the borough, established in 1928 — danced the night away on Thursday, October 20 as part of its annual dinner dance.

“The Dinner Dance was a great success,” lauded Dyker Civic President Fran Vella-Marrone. “We had a good crowd and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

“We were able to raise the money we were looking to raise,” she added, noting that, each year, the dinner dance serves as the organization’s sole fundraiser. “We use that money for all of the activities throughout the year.”

The event — held this year at Sirico’s, 8015 13th Avenue — also honored four local residents who have greatly served the Dyker Heights community: Sandy Irrera, and Paul, Lenny and Frank Pesce.

Irrera — a lifelong Dyker resident currently employed as a crossing guard in the 62nd Precinct — is also the organizer behind a local Facebook group called “Neighborhood Giveaways,” where neighbors can donate to others in need.

“Sandy Irrera is a volunteer extraordinaire,” wrote First Vice President of Dyker Civic Mafalda DiMango in a letter inviting members and friends to the dance, stressing that, as well as being a tireless volunteer, Irrera has also received awards from a great deal of not-for-profit charities.

The Pesces, DiMango noted, “are the perfect example of immigrants who arrived in America willing to work hard to enjoy a better life.”

“We’re very thankful to all the people who came, bought journal ads and did their part to help contribute to the Dyker Civic Association,” said Vella-Marrone, “that way, we can continue to do things, and we can continue to fight for the community and make sure that we continue with the great quality of life here in Dyker Heights.”

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