Brooklyn pols unveil new tech coming to library branches boroughwide

A group of Brooklyn assemblymembers gathered at the Brooklyn Public Library’s Central Library, located at 10 Grand Army Plaza, on Tuesday, November 29 to unveil a bevy of new technology and equipment coming to every branch in the borough.

The deliveries include various video game consoles, iPads, MacBook Pros, Windows laptops, Lego Robotics kits, Little Bits kits, flat-screen televisions and – for the majority of branches that do not already have them – new portable PA systems.

The allocation – which totaled $3 million – was secured by various members of the Assembly, including Chair of the Brooklyn delegation Joseph Lentol.

“The Brooklyn delegation and I are pleased to bring these important technological upgrades to Brooklyn Public Libraries,” said Lentol. “While it is true that nothing will ever replace the value of a good book, we must also make sure that our libraries keep up with the times in our ever-changing technological world.”

BPL President and CEO Linda Johnson agreed.

“Thanks to the Assembly’s investment in Brooklyn Public Library, our librarians will be able to host more technology programs for their patrons, and thousands of Brooklynites will have free use of equipment to which they might not have access at home or in school,” she said. “We are grateful to the assemblymembers for establishing a baseline level of technology at each of our branches, allowing us to offer new, sophisticated equipment to every neighborhood we serve.”

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