South Brooklyn remembers fallen auxiliary powerhouse Anthony “Tony Christo” Christodoulakis

A funeral was held on Thursday, December 15 for fallen Auxiliary Deputy Chief Anthony “Tony Christo” Christodoulakis, one of the NYPD’s Patrol Borough Brooklyn South’s most beloved and longstanding auxiliary police officers.

Christodoulakis, known by friends and family simply as “Christo,” died on Tuesday, December 6 at the age of 64.

Christo, who served as an auxiliary at various police precincts throughout Patrol Borough Brooklyn South for more than 40 years, was posthumously promoted to auxiliary assistant chief after his passing.

In the days following Christo’s death, fellow police officers, community leaders and longtime Brooklyn residents took to social media to share their condolences.

“He gave his all to the program and served until the very end,” one colleague wrote on Facebook.  “Many of you have known him for years or through your careers on the job. I wanted you to know that he fought until the very end.

“He was our mentor, our leader and father figure in Brooklyn South to all,” the colleague went on.

“A heart of gold indeed,” tweeted NYPD Chief Joseph Fox, current head of the Transit Bureau and former Chief of Patrol Brooklyn Borough South. “Tony exemplified all of the positive aspects of our auxiliary program, a genuine leader [and] a real hero.”

Christo was waked at Aievoli Funeral Home on Wednesday, December 14, and laid to rest following a funeral service at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Church, 8401 Ridge Boulevard in Bay Ridge, on Thursday.

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