Deputy Inspectors Gonzalez and Quick honored by Brooklyn Community Improvement Association

Honoring two precincts and their deputy inspectors.

The Brooklyn Community Improvement Association (BCIA) held a ceremony for the 72nd and 66th Precincts, honoring newly promoted Deputy Inspector Emmanuel Gonzalez of the 72 and now former Deputy Inspector of the 66 Kenneth Quick, who has been promoted to the Commanding Officer of the NYPD Deputy Commissioner Administration.

The celebration, held at Restaurant on the 58th, 773 58th Street, on Tuesday, January 3, meant a lot to Gonzalez. “It was great that the Chinese community came together to celebrate myself and Deputy Inspector Quick,” he said. “Eighth Avenue is very unique.”

Gonzalez, who was promoted to Deputy Inspector just last month, discussed what it meant not only to him, but the community.

“I’m so grateful for my promotion to both the community and the police officers,” he said. “I didn’t get promoted by myself and there’s nothing ingenuous that I did. It was just a collective teamwork effort between the cops and community. I just wish the community was promoted with me. They’re just happy with the fact that there’s been more interactive policing.”

Gonzalez also made a point to discuss the collaboration of the two awarded precincts. “Some people view the borderline of Eighth Avenue as a negative, meaning that they have to go to two different precincts,” he said. “There really is no such thing. With the police department, there’s no distinction between borders. It just helps and guides us in regards to resources and what I’d like to tell the community is that Eighth Avenue should be looked at as a positive. This way, they can take resources from two separate precincts to address the precincts at Eighth Avenue, so in reality, its better.”

He also added that the communication between the 66 and 72 is solid.

Despite the promotion, 72’s newest Deputy Inspector insists he’s staying put. “I’m very honored that I was promoted but with that said, it’s something that the community should be proud of as well and I plan on being here,” Gonzalez said. “I’m not going anywhere. There’s plenty of work to do.”

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