State-of-the-art technology debuts at Brooklyn Heights bank

The future has arrived in Brooklyn Heights as Flushing Bank opened its newly remodeled Montague Street branch on January 24, and unveiled its new Universal Banker Model and Assisted Service Kiosk (ASK) ATMs.

The Montague branch is the first in all of Brooklyn to showcase Flushing Bank’s Universal Banker Model, which incorporates high-tech banking solutions to improve customer access and experience.

The ASK ATMs are state-of-the-art machines which allow customers to perform just about any routine transaction. They offer user options such as fast cash and choice of multiple monetary denominations. ASK machines also allow customers to choose if they want assistance from bank representatives or if they prefer to conduct their business on their own. This allows bankers to spend more quality time consulting with customers about their banking needs.

John Buran, president and CEO of Flushing Bank, says that the bank is excited to be the first community bank to introduce this technology to the New York area. “We’re now able to deliver what the big banks can deliver, with our own personal touch. This is our unique differentiation: we are small enough to know our customers, yet large enough to help them with all their banking and lending needs,” he noted.

Flushing Bank will continue to roll out these new technologies throughout its branch network.

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