Local producer in the spotlight at BRIC Awards

Greg Romenski really seems to have an eye for the up-and-comers of public access television.

Nominated for the fourth consecutive year for a BRIC B Free Award, Romenski — the producer of “Victoria’s Stars” — began producing a new show called Medcast Plus late last year. On air once a month since October, 2016, the show invites doctors and medical professionals to talk on different issues of health.

Previously nominated for producing “Victoria’s Stars,” Romenski has been working for five years to promote free access television.

BRIC, which celebrated “excellence in programming on its four community media channels,” took as the theme of its 2017 awards “Raising Women’s Voices.” From presenting to performing, women were highlighted through the entirety of the gala on April 1, held at the BRIC Media House at 647 Fulton Street.

Competing against some 450 shows for top honors, Romenski said the nomination this year left him with “a pleasant feeling.” It’s a career move he couples with a working job, believing that the show raises “awareness in the community” and “gives the public access to producers like me who work with lower budgets.”

Winners of awards included T. Billi Martin, recipient of the WOW Factor Award; Rose Crichton and members of ECPAT-USA, recipients of the BRIC Vision Award; Nicholas Lemon, recipient of the B Hilarious Award; Buki Elegbede, recipient of the B Young Award; Kiritin Beyer, the recipient of the B Artistic and B Healthy Awards; and Jessica Mason, Angela Renee Coakley, David Francois and Kevin Lawrence, recipients of the Most Valuable Producer Award.

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